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American Clown Museum and Library

Toby The Clown Foundation, Inc. is an out growth of a large number of people who perform as clowns for educational and entertainment. Our mission is to mentor and educate people of all ages on the art of performing as clowns.


There may be only one museum dedicated to American Clowns and you’ll find it in Lake Placid! At last count, more than 700 significant pieces of clown memorabilia can be found within the walls of Toby’s American Clown Museum and School.

It’s amazing what you will discover in the Clown Museum. On nearly every surface of every wall, there are oils, prints and photographs of clowns. Don’t miss the paintings by Red Skelton, a famous clown and artist. Many original circus posters from famous organizations like the Ringling Brothers are also displayed here. Many are signed or inscribed to Toby, the founder of the American Clown Museum and School.

Museum gift shop sells many clown related items.

Toby’s Clown School services the public by providing a safe and professional environment where students can learn all aspects of becoming a clown. Make-up, wardrobe, shoe care, and pocket magic, are just some of the classes we teach regularly to clowns from all over the country.

Foundation clowns serve the public by bringing smiles, laughter, and love to all they encounter. They do performances at hospitals, nursing homes, children day care centers, libraries, churches, shut-ins, Hospice organizations, and schools.

It has been proven that humor, smiles, love, and laughter has a definite benefit to a person’s health and well being. Come join us and help us spread this clown medicine to all.

Hours of Operation

  • Wednesday - Friday: 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM